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The conservatory is a stylish European glass enclosure which was originally constructed as an out building constructed for the purpose of growing plants. As these structures began to be noticed more for their beautiful façade, their appeal grew and so did their purpose. The conservatory was transformed into an extension of the home, a stylish room for entertaining and family gatherings. The conservatory became the classic design for the modern day sunroom. Although there are differences that define the sunroom and the conservatory, the grandeur that is found in both is what has made them the ideal addition to any home.
Sunrooms are designed primarily with large glass openings which gives a sense of openness that cannot be reproduced by any other building product. Check A sunroom allows you to enjoy the outside from within the comforts of your home.
If you’ve been looking for a custom designed sunroom that is created with the finest materials to promote energy efficiency, while allowing you to enjoy the ambiance of the outdoors in a climate controlled environment, Creative Design Homes can help.

Beauty Defined

Classic sunroom stone

The distinct beauty and quality of a mahogany sunroom or conservatory built by Creative Design Homes is incomparable. Each addition is designed specifically for your home; no two sunrooms are the same. We offer many options that are both functional and appealing. Surround yourself with the luxury of a wood sunroom that combines state of the art engineering with premium-grade lumber and energy efficient glass. Using time-honored post and beam construction with mortise and tenon joinery; our sunrooms combine Classic English craftsmanship with American Architecture to create the finest sunrooms. Our sunrooms have a unique quality, one that complements your home while establishing a style of its own. Each piece of furniture grade mahogany is hand selected for unsurpassed quality and kiln dried for structural precision and stability.

Custom Built Sunrooms, Conservatories, Green Houses

Are you looking for a conservatory, sunroom, morning room, patio enclosure or greenhouse that exceeds the most demanding criteria? Creative Design Homes will work with you to design and build the perfect addition for your home.